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Day 9: Maldives

After an amazing few days here, our stay in the Maldives was coming to an end. Since we were on the main island now, we had breakfast at Atoll Market which is a full buffet.

While I preferred the a la carte dishes from Vilu, my fiancée really enjoyed the larger spread here, especially the sautéed water spinach (空心菜) and the fresh mangoes available from the juice bar.

As we were eating, our host Jessica came by to tell us about our new seaplane time of 1:30pm. It was kind of cool (or creepy) that they know where their guests are at all times.

After breakfast, we browsed some of the boutiques near the lobby and then chilled in our villa. I FaceTimed my mom to let her know about our upcoming flights just as the world was starting to go into lockdown. Thankfully, there were no disruptions on our journey home. Soon after, we went back to the lobby and checked out. I also confirmed that the 95000 points for the night that we cut short would be refunded.

We waited in the seaplane pavilion for our flight to arrive and soon we were on our way.

This time we sat in the first row so I had a great view of everything the pilots were doing.

We were the only passengers on this flight so we made a stop at another resort before heading back to Malé. We got one last look at Conrad Maldives and the Muraka as we took off.

As we came in for landing, I caught a glimpse of the Waldorf Astoria Maldives, the even more luxurious sister hotel of the Conrad, which opened last year. Maybe next time?

We were escorted back to the Conrad Lounge and was told we would be picked up at around 8pm for our 11pm flight to Istanbul. The lounge was pretty empty for most of our stay.

At around 5pm, the staff came around with a light dinner. My fiancée had a salad and I had a panini. The fries on the side were actually really good so we asked for another portion.

Alas, our vacation was over and it was time to head home. We had a long, but still very comfortable journey ahead.


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